breast works


These works are part of a series investigating my diagnoses of early stage breast cancer in 2003 and my ensuing treatments and recovery period from those treatments.

The images explore paths, routes, and shapes associated with daily trips to radiation and treatment centers.

The encaustic medium permits layering, scraping, exposing, covering , and re-exposing various elements and areas in the painting. The wax can be incised, heated, cooled, sanded, gouged and cut yet remain beautiful and whole.

The process of making this series was integral in finding beauty in the experience and coping with the difficulty of knowing when, where, and with whom the topic could or could not be discussed.

My studio allowed me the freedom to hold these “conversations” or put them off as I liked or needed and led me to the work I currently make today.


'in situ'

'daily dose'

 'margin - al'

numbers game

Waist Up

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